This is my new project.  I’ve been thinking about creating one for a while and it is just starting to come through.  I need to figure out a solution that will keep the teeth floating a little longer other than mineral oil.  Next one i will try using glycerin.  Looking at the pictures though gives you an idea of how it will look.

I have been making trinkets from the fossilized shark teeth found along the St. Augustine coastline.


Falling Water

I get to cross number 3 on my long list of places to go.  Finally was able to see Falling Water.  I remember sitting in “American Art since the 1860” class and becoming really excited seeing a picture of Frank Lloyd Wrigh’s creation on a little waterfall in Pennsylvania.



I had a great time going up to Richmond as a Guest with the Old Dominion University Art Department.   We went up to the State capital to see some shows and have a great time socializing about art.

The first stop was the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.  They had an Awesome Xu Bing Exhibit of his tobacco work, which included a half million cigarette sculpture of a tiger skin rug.  This rug defiantly stole the show for me.  They also had a huge Whale made out of felt that was a lot of fun to see.  Also, special thanks to the museum for letting us take awesome pictures.

Next stop was Visual Arts Center and a show by Jonathan Brilliant called Stick Stack Show.  It was also fun when you think of all the time spent creating the sculpture and the amount of time people spend drinking coffee.

Our Last Stop was the art walk on Main Street.  They had a fun Exhibition of Venus de Milo’s at Gallery 5.

These are Experimental Cyanotypes done on Korean Hanji Paper.  The Blue of the Cyanotype makes for a great illusion to water.  I used fish and shells for the basis of my imagery.